Business Transactions

Lawyer in Baltimore making a corporate transaction

Mergers and Acquisitions
Whether you are merging with another entity, acquiring another entity in whole, or selling your own business, we can assist with preparation of the necessary contracts and documents and perform diligence.
Business Formations and General Corporate Representation
If you’re starting a new business or expanding, we can prepare and file corporate articles of incorporation, limited liability company articles of organization, partnership agreements, joint venture agreements, amendments to existing articles or agreements, or many other agreements for various corporate transactions.
Miscellaneous Contracts and Agreements
No matter the business, there are always various contracts and agreements that arise or are needed to keep the business running smoothly or make a transaction work. We deal with all kinds of contracts and agreements. Even if it is outside of the box, we can work with you on it
Outside General Counsel
When you simply want to have an attorney you can call, but don’t want to hire someone in house, call us. We represent a range of companies on their legal matters and are there to make sure that you get the help you need when you need it.